Grown ups

Real life, right now, I'm sitting in Columbus, Ohio. In the kitchen of my very first best friends beautiful home that she shares with her fiancé! And I’m just feeling… So. Grown. Up. When did this happen?

Last night, after work, I hopped on a plane from BOS-OH. I touched down around 10pm and was greeted with the cutest, warmest welcome.

Looking at this picture this morning, I’m overcome with nostalgia of our visits when we were younger. So young, that we had to pay extra and fill out special paperwork to fly as an unaccompanied minor.

Flash forward, 15+ years later, to waking up this morning to the smell of cinnamon & banana pancakes. Ryan, Christina’s fiancé, woke up early before heading to work to make these for us – he’s clearly the best, right? We were up fairly late the night before getting the tour of their beautiful home and chatting about “what’s new at work” and our latest apartment projects- ya know... "grown up stuff." He also made us a delicious dinner AND bananas foster for dessert - he is quite the chef. He was also not shy about keeping our wine glasses niiice and full while we caught up! I think Christina has trained him well ;-) -- I'm kidding, sorta..

I can’t quite wrap my head around it. How is it that Christina and I met in the second grade; after a very detailed conversation about her marker set that I was all heart-eyes over? And now… here I am, in Ohio, getting a first hand look at their "grown up" life together, giddy about getting to celebrate the fact that in just over a month, she will do one of the most grown-up things of all. She will marry the love of her life!

Part of me is still blown away about how after all the time and all the distance we've remained as close as we have, and part of me knew from the very first day of second grade, that we always would! 

< I may or may not be sharing more pictures from this weekend in a later post. Stay tuned! >