December Goal Setting

I’ve been thinking about goal setting & bucket lists a lot lately.  I think that tends to happen to a lot of us as each year comes to a close and with that, brings on the anticipation for a new year – a “fresh start.”  However, I often find that looking at an entire year to come as a whole is intimidating.  I follow quite a few bloggers who do Monthly goal setting and reflections that seem to work for them so I thought – what the hay? Why wait for January, 1? Let’s give it a go now…

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1.       Select & cook five recipes from cookbooks we own – especially family recipes.

2.       Get a real tree & visit the tree in Faneuil Hall

3.       Recycle as much as possible and be conscious of waste

4.       Ice skate on the common

5.       Make a meaningful donation

With our tree already up and one family recipe down -  I'm hopeful this list will be complete before the new year!