Girl Talk- NYFW, Kate Spade, & The Bachelor

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day and long weekend! Mine was wonderful and full of surprises! I wont bore you with a recap for two reasons. One being the previous post. Two being that I kind of Instagramed it to death -- Sorry! 

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NYFW//Kate Spade

I don’t currently have a ‘bucket list’ but it is on my to do list. I’m a crazy list maker so its pretty shocking that I don’t have one yet. However, I know that when I do put pen to paper and finally make that list, NYFW will for sure be on it. I think any girl who went to school for anything fashion/PR related, or any girl who has any interest in fashion at all, dreams about the chance to attend a show.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t attend any old show. I would have the opportunity to attend a Kate Spade show. I’m drawn to just about anything Kate Spade. I think it has a lot to do with the bright colors and the detail that goes into each piece, or the fact that almost everything has a bow on it...or the polka dots. Honestly, I could go on and on. The pieces just "speak to me" if you will. 

I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram and absolutely loved all the images they snapped from this years Kate Spade presentation. Technology is SO amazing! Even if I never make it to a Kate Spade show I'll always be able to follow a long and these snaps make it that much easier! So, thanks a million, ladies!  Below are a just a few of my favorites! If you’re interested in seeing more photos from the presentation you can search the hashtag #behindthecurtain on Instagram!

The fourth picture from the left is not from the presentation, but of one of my favorite bloggers, Carly, from "The College Prepster." Kate spade gifted her this BEAUTIFUL scalloped number for the show...AMAZING. 

In honor of the presentation this past weekend I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite pieces from my personal Kate Spade collection. I'll try to link them or something similar below as well! 

The red pouch on the left is my favorite piece. I take it with me no matter what bag I'm carrying. I'm the type of girl who keeps bags in her bags and this piece is perfect for that. I put little products in here that I don't want loose or hanging around. I find this helps to avoid the whole "OMG my pen just exploded in my purse! - fiasco.) Sadly, I was unable to find a link to anything similar. I purchased this at the outlet store so if you're interested in something like it I'd look there!

The next is a classic (hot pink is classic in my book) accordion style, zip around wallet. I love this style of wallet because it has SO much space. I also love the gold polka dotted liner -- so cute! Shop for it <here!> 

This little pink cross-body is extra special! My cousin Aimee gave this to me when I graduated college. It is the most perfect shade of light pink and the quilted texture mixed with the gold hardware make it perfect for a night out! Everyone is always asking me about this bag when I wear it.  You can find a similar version <here!> 

The last piece was a gift to myself when I landed my first "big girl" job after college. It has three pockets built into the bag and smaller pockets within the lining, making it perfect for work or travel. I also love how when its buttoned up it pokes out a bit on either side. The silhouette reminded me a bit of the Celine bags that are wayyyy out to my price range. You can find similar versions of this bag <here!> 

On a completely different note – The Bachelor!

I'm not sure when I became the type of girl who enjoyed this show. I still find myself cringing at times and feeling MAJOR second hand embarrassment for some of the women on this show. I also think that both my previous...and current roommate(s) (sorry Mike!) HATE when I tune in to get my fix. I just cant help it...Im totally into it! I had fallen a little behind but I’m almost caught up on this season. Thank god... or whoever invented the ABC app for apple TV (pretty sure it wasn't god) but you know what I mean.  The impatient part of me LOVES when they do these back-to-back episode specials! I’m totally team Whitney (although I do think she could do a little less omg-ing and ‘shut-up-ing’) so here’s hoping by the time I'm all caught up she’s still holding a rose!

Happy Hump Day!