Getting Into a New Routine

I recently rediscovered two of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

1. Waking up in a clean apartment

2. Coming home to a clean apartment

This weekend we finally put up the floating shelves Mike got me for Christmas! We’ve known we needed something above the couch for a while but neither of us wanted to commit to one piece. We decided on these floating shelves so that we could add/subtract seasonal pieces whenever we wanted. I’m loving them! I think he found them at Home Goods but you can find similar here & here.

The anchor and 'home is where ever i'm with you' images were free! All you have to do is print! 

The weekends have been flying by and we were both starting to feel like we haven’t been using our time very wisely. Once you are able to pinpoint the exact amount of time you need to get presentable and out the door, it becomes difficult to weigh if having ‘more time’ or ‘more sleep’ is more important. I’m sure I’m not the only who knows that the score of this dreaded match is more often than not:

sleep: 7 // having more time: 0

That being said we decided to make a change! We are both going to start our days earlier and we also made a pact to make sure that the apartment is in tip-top-shape before we go to sleep. I think this has been the most helpful thing of all. We had kind of fallen in a slump of leaving dishes in the sink and on the coffee table. Or doing the laundry, even folding it, but then never putting it away. Waking up and walking through our messy living room to get to the bathroom wasn’t a good way to start the morning. Also, trying to make breakfast and lunch while weaving around last nights dinner dishes wasn’t fun either. Waking up with a clean slate has made getting things done SO much easier.

We’ve already seen/felt the benefits of waking up earlier. Below are just a few

1. Eating breakfast together

Other than the avocado toast, these were whipped up in less than five minutes. Yes, that is a frozen waffle. Guilty as charged, but delicious none the less! Having that extra time to sit down together before we start our day is really special. Why is it that making the time for something as simple as enjoying breakfast together is something we typically reserve for weekends? No more!

2. Packing a lunch

Mike is spoiled and I usually make his lunch for him. Waking up earlier gives me more time to make a lunch that we’ll both actually want to eat. This makes saying no to going out and buying a lunch much easier to do.

3. Studying/Reading

I’ve been reading a few different books lately. Mostly on blogging and things about the benefits of eating more raw food… but that’s a whole other blog post. Mike is studying for the second level of the CFA (so proud of him) so waking up earlier gives him a little extra time, even if its just 20 minutes, to make his way through those very thick books.

4. Not feeling rushed

This is my favorite. I HATE feeling rushed. Starting the day feeling like we’ve already accomplished a few things before we’ve even left the apartment is great! We’re able to take that ‘accomplished feeling’ into the rest of the day.

5. Getting in a workout

I’ll admit… neither of us have actually done this one yet but we plan to! I’ll keep you posted…


Happy Hump Day!