"Frugal February" - Making Coffee at Home

I am 100%, hands down, no questions asked, one of “those people”… I’m someone that is truly convinced that a coffee tastes better when someone else makes it for you. Someone like Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts, or a quaint little mom and pop shop. I tell myself that spending the sometimes $5 on a latte is “just part of my routine” and I go about my day.

I recently came across an article that detailed nearly all the reasons I love to buy coffee from any of the above places and why its “okay” to ignore the amount of money I’m spending on it because it makes me happy.  

“18 reasons why you’re perfectly happy spending 1K on year on coffee.”

Reading this article reaffirmed my ability to feel okay about it because it is one of my only vices.  However, it also seemed impossible and somewhat irresponsible to ignore how much I’m spending on a beverage, that for whatever reason, I put on a pedestal with the power to make or break my day.

Around the same time I read this article I saw my cousin tweet something about “Frugal February.” I began to do some research on the concept and knew I wanted to challenge myself to participate in some way. Here’s how!

FRUGAL FEBRUARY CHALLENGE: Make my coffee at home 5 out of 7 days of the week!

Below are a few things I’ve been doing (as of February 2nd) to make my coffee at home & on the go more enjoyable!


1. Keurig Vue Coffee Machine

I like this machine so much better than the regular Keurig because it does all the same things the regular version does - brew hot or iced drinks from K-cups. But it gives you options to brew stronger, bigger, and hotter. It also has a 'cafe' section that allows you to froth your drink before you brew it (for lattes and things like that.)

2. Keeping my favorite flavor, sweetener and creamer on hand

Flavor: Currently, my favorite K-cup is one that I won in a yankee swap! Its called the 'Wicked Winter Blend' by Green Mountain Coffee. It says that it is limited edition so hopefully I will be able to get more before its gone! 

Sweetener: 2 sugars! The real stuff - granulated or in the raw. 

Creamer: I've been trying to limit the amount of dairy I have so I've been using Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk or Organic Valley original soy creamer.

3. Cute mugs to drink in at home & to travel to work with

At Home: These dotted white Threshold mugs from Target

On the Go: This two toned Starbucks travel mug - I've had the BEST luck with this thing. Totally worth paying a little extra to not have to worry about it leaking anywhere like so many of my other ones had been doing! 

It doesn't look like my exact one is available online any more but there are a ton similar here!

I'm only two days in but i've already saved myself nearly $10 and spent a lot less time walking out of my way in the cold! Also, if I am able to stick to this routine I will save nearly $100 this month alone!!

(assuming I would have bought a coffee monday through Friday.) 

I'm really hoping I will be able to make this a permanent part of my routine and continue to make my coffee at home long after February is over.

FACT: Buying a coffee made with love by someone else will forever hold a special place in my heart. But saving an extra $100 a month sounds pretty sweet to me!