DIY -- Easy Valentines Nails!

 I typically prefer to do my nails myself for a few different reasons.

1. It's cheaper

2. As much as I LOVE the way a gel manicure looks, I seriously despise the process of taking them off. I usually get sick of the color after a week or so and then my only options are: 

a.) Make an appointment to have them taken off and pay to get them done again. 


b.) Rip them off myself because I don't have time to go/ I'm extremely impatient.

Neither of these are very appealing in my book. So... I found this photo on Pinterest and decided I would use my snowy afternoon to give it a try!

I really loved the nail on her ring finger but wasn't in love with the colors.  Purple doesn't really say Valentines Day to me... So I went with the colors pictured below! 

  Colors From Left to Right: 'Strawberry Smoothie' #150, 'Pink Bikini' #134, 'Locket Love' #128

Colors From Left to Right: 'Strawberry Smoothie' #150, 'Pink Bikini' #134, 'Locket Love' #128

Vinylux polish is basically gods gift to girls who polish their nails at home! Its by creative nail design (CND) and runs about $10.50 a bottle at ULTA. Luckily for me, I am the daughter of a mother who was previously a hairdresser and she is able to get this for me for around $4.00!

It's claim to fame is that it's "innovative technology creates long-lasting wear and durability with exposure to natural light over time."

I have had the best luck with this product. It's top coat creates a shiny gel-like finish and my polish lasts for 7+ days with no problem. *Knock on wood since valentines day is exactly 7 days away! :) * And the BEST part of it all is that you can take it off at home with regular nail polish remover!

For this project you will need:

1. The Polish.

You can obviously use any polish you have on hand, this is just what I recommend for a longer lasting at home mani! -- You'll need 3 colors total. A base color, a color for the stripes, and a color for the heart! I also recommend some sort of top coat for longer wear. 

2. Paint brushes.

This is to make creating the stripes & heart easier on you. You can use any thin brush you can find.

3. Cotton Rounds

You really don't "need" these. I use these to remove my polish so I had them on hand. You could very well drip your polish on a piece of paper or whatever you have handy. 

((Yes, I'm watching Gossip Girl for the 10 millionth time. Guilty as charged.))

STEP 1: Apply your base color.

STEP 2: Add your stripes. For more control, I recomend dripping a drop of paint onto your cotton round and then dipping your paint brush into the drop and slowly drag it from left to right on the nail bed of your ring finger. Go as slowly as you need to.. the thinner the line the better! 

STEP 3: The Heart! -- make sure you have let the stripes COMPLETELY DRY before you move onto this step! Once you're ready, dab your paint brush into the color you've chosen for your heart. I recommend avoiding trying to "draw" the heart and to instead make a "V" and then fuss with it from there until you have you're desired heart shape! Once the heart is dry apply a your top coat and call it a day! 

Hopefully it looks a little something like this... 

 ** I ended up changing the base color to "cake" by Julep!** CND has a VERY similar color called 'cake pop'

** I ended up changing the base color to "cake" by Julep!** CND has a VERY similar color called 'cake pop'