Glow With Me!

In just under a week I am embarking on a '30 day green smoothie challenge' and I’m urging friends and family to join in with me! They say there is power in numbers right!?

Our days have gotten longer and though it hasn’t gotten much warmer here in Boston, this girl wont stop believing that spring/summer are right around the corner! That being said, I wanted to do something to recharge my body and my skin after our record-breaking, harsh winter.

I did a bit of research on (juice)cleanses but couldn’t find one compelling enough to dive in. I didn’t think I would enjoy that cleanses are typically all day(s). Call me crazy, but I just cant picture myself not chewing anything ALL DAY. Cue one VERY hangry/cranky Sabs. 

I stumbled upon a few pins about 30 day green smoothie challenges and thought to myself…

 “I could totally do that!”

I’m no stranger to green smoothies but I’ve never had them consistently. There are more articles than you can even imagine on the benefits of green smoothies and I cant wait to see the benefits of including them on a daily basis.

 1. Top 10 Benefits of Green Smoothies

2. Green Smoothie Health Benefits

3. Feeling tired? 12 Health transforming benefits of Green smoothies

THE CHALLENGE: Incorporate one green smoothie into your diet every day for thirty days.

With April being 30 days long and just six days away, I can’t help but think that this is the perfect time to have stumbled upon this challenge. I can’t wait! In fact, I’ve already started experimenting with different recipes I found on Pinterest.

The smoothie pictured above has kale, banana, frozen mango, frozen peach, date, soy yogurt, water and peanut butter! Let me tell you… that little bit of peanut butter… YUM! Nearly two cups of kale never tasted so good! Seriously, all I could taste was the peanut butter and banana!

In addition to the green smoothies I also want to up my intake of green tea. I drink A LOT of coffee. I don't think I could ever give it up but I want to try and replace one cup of coffee with one cup of green tea. I typically prefer my green tea iced. To make this easier on myself I have been prepping cups of hot green tea with a slice of lemon, putting it in to-go cups and popping them in the fridge. I try to keep anywhere from 3-6 on hand so that I don't reach for another cup of coffee or crave a fancy iced coffee from somewhere near by. 

 Cheers to increased energy and clearer, glowing skin!