“So she is still doing that blog thing…”!

I really don’t even have a good excuse as to where I’ve been. Honestly, the sun has been shining more often than not and we’ve even had a handful of warm, spring-like days in this little city and I’ve been soaking that right up! Kinda like...

Thanks for sharing this Shawna - It made my day! :) 

Tomorrow is the last day of April. How did that happen? What did we do this month?

The Green Smoothie Challenge is coming to an end and though I’ll admit I missed a few days here and there, I drank A LOT of them. I noticed the more days I was able to drink them in a row the better, fresher, clearer and brighter my skin looked. And who doesn’t want that?

There was Easter, on Desjarlais Drive. Holidays at my Grandmas are so special. Both my parents are from big families and this year all of my Dads siblings were able to make it to Easter! I love when that happens and I know my Grandma does too!

Mike and his sister surprised their Mom in Florida for her 60th birthday and then took her on a cruise! I know that I’m biased, but The Donnelly family is seriously the coolest and always full of surprises! They had been planning this for months, without Mrs. Donnelly knowing and it was the hardest secret to keep!

We hosted a few visitors in our tiny little apartment and loved every second of it. Our place is literally the smallest but time and time again I am shocked by how much fun we are able to have in this little space and how proud I am to call it “ours.”

I got to see first hand the excitement of a Boston Marathon and feel the pride of this city on a day like that. It’s weird to think that I’m a “Bostonian.” I’m really just getting used to saying it.  Which is crazy because next month marks an entire year of making this place my home. Pinch me!

Nicole snapped this pic and it continues to give me chills. #BostonStrong

I had my first REALLY scary “city” moment this month.  I was trapped on the T for over an hour. We were riding along for a minute or two and then we stopped. I looked out the windows and noticed that though we had stopped, we were not at the next station. We were still under ground and everything was black.  I waited about 5-10 minutes with out thinking anything of it. 20 minutes went by and I began to feel nervous. I was by myself. Mike was working late and not responding to my texts. I remember opening up a text to my Mom and typing and deleting and typing and deleting.  “I’m trapped on the T." Im sure thats probably one of the last things a Mom wants to read and I didn’t want to scare her… but I did, I ended up sending it. Sorry Mom! A short while after I texted her, we began to move and made it to the next stop where everything was still dark. There was no power. Cue some serious nerves. The only thing that calmed me down was that as we made it (slowly) to each stop, people would get on and off, like they weren’t afraid of any of it. I did my best to mimic their lack of reaction to the fact that we were all in an underground train, in the dark, where the signals kept jamming. When all was said and done I made it to my stop just fine and VERY excited to return to life above ground!

Then there was #lillyfortarget, which was basically like running with the bulls. I went to RI and shopped it with my friend Nicole (Colie.) She and I have very similar taste and we both try to avoid paying full price as often as we can. We were THRILLED about the #lillyfortaret launch! We got there at about 7:15 for the 8AM opening and were about 20th in line-ish. We made friends with the women in line and talked a bit of strategy as it got closer to 8. Everything was gone in three minutes flat and I mean everything. We grabbed as much as we could in both of our sizes and ended up making out REALLY well. We also tried our best to snag the things the women we were with in line were looking for. I tell myself that’s why we did so well. KARMA is real.

I also had to laugh because if you read one of my very first posts I talked about how great my cousins are and how close we all are. My mom put it best when she tweeted this…

YES, my mom has a twitter! She’s so hip!

I’m sorry to ramble. Reflecting on how much has happened in just about 30 days is kind of crazy. It has been a wild, jam-packed month. A few other exciting things happened...like watching Julie and Julia. If you haven't seen it WATCH it. I intend to do an entire post on it! I was also introduced to the toffee nut flavor at Starbucks. (Thanks Nicole!!!!!) I've since learned that  a 'venti soy iced coffee with four pumps of toffee nut and extra ice is what heaven would taste like if it were to ever come through a green straw. I’ve got a list of a zillion and one things I want to post about soon so if there is anyone out there still reading… stay tuned!