Catching up & A Big Wish in a Little Space!

Two months later and here I am again. JULY! How/when did that happen? Literally, a zillion and one things have happened since my last post. Mothers Day & Fathers Day have come and gone.  There was the most amazing road trip to Virginia with my Mom for a visit with family and a Luke Bryan concert! An offer letter for a new job. A handful of days spent on Dad's new boat. One of my most favorite holidays of all time, the 4th of July on Desjarlais Drive. And last but not least, in just three short days, my friend Christina will be in Boston again! All the way from Ohio!  Summer... it really doesn't get much better!

Apologies for the poor quality in most of these images. I'm working on getting a better camera... baby steps! A large part of my lack of posting for the last few months was technology related. Mike and I both still have the same laptops we used all through college (Black & White Mac the original ones.) They are pretty much toast at this point. The software on both are so old that half of my squarespace site isn't even visible so I was guessing where things were half the time. And while I practically live on my ipad, blog posting from an ipad is next to impossible.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you  may have seen my board titled "Dreams of a Home office." Having lived in Boston for a little over a year...I literally dream about having more space. As I've mentioned in previous posts we live in a 650 square foot studio. Don't get me wrong, we really do love our space and I am so proud of what we've done with it. It's just that the idea of a home office was literally laugh-out-loud hysterical, considering we don't even have a bedroom. However, with Mikes Dad moving his office to the basement of their new home, they had an 'extra' iMac desktop that they were SO generously planning on passing down to Mike! How lucky are we!? We had talked about whether or not we would take it because we were concerned we would have no where to put it. But as they say...

Where there's a will, there's a way!


If someone is giving you an iMac, you make the room!

I spent the morning after we brought the computer to the city walking around our teeny-tiny place trying to figure out where on earth we were going to make the room for this beautiful computer. I swung into TJMaxx just to see if they had anything I thought might work as an extra small desk. Of course I found something... it was the second thing I laid eyes on in the store. I spent nearly 40 minutes standing next to it, measuring it, sitting next to it, picking it up, putting it down. The manager of the store probably thought I was insane. I decided to buy it and try my best to make it work. I carried this "desk" nearly 2 miles to the T, on the T, and then back to our apartment. I'm sure I was getting some VERY strange looks but lucky for me I was so worried about tripping over myself or dropping the thing I didn't notice!

I walked in the apartment, scooted the couch down a bit and wouldn't ya know it... A perfect fit!

Behold!! -- Arguably the smallest Home Office (but the perfect fit for us) in Boston.

It's small but extremely functional and I seriously can not wait to continue blogging from this little corner in our teeny-tiny home :).

Yes, that is a College of Charleston basketball chair and while it's not quite as 'stylish' as I would like... The boy is one proud alum... ya win some ya lose some ;-).

You can find the calendar print here and the deer silhouette here!