A Sneak Peak of our New Spot!

If you follow me on Instagram & Twitter then you are well aware of the fact that... WE MOVED!

The packing was horrible. I mean, absolutely horrible. I think every time you're in a "packing" situation you realize how much crap you actually have! It was also a bit sad. Our previous apartment was full of "firsts" and so many wonderful memories that I will never forget. It was our first home together. It was the first home I got to introduce to Maddy as "our home." It's where we had our first "Deja-Donn" Christmas tree. It was the first place I ever felt safe, and comfortable and like I had actually made a real home that wasn't Mom & Dad's. It's a place that reconfirmed the fact that even during bad times, Mike and I make a pretty good team. :) Longfellow... though I won't miss your awful elevators or the fact that sometimes we got snow in our apartment. You'll always have a special place in my heart! However... onward and upward! --Everything is finally in the new spot and slowly but surly we are getting the place together and making this new spot our home!

Fenway Park

^^ & The View's not bad either :) GO SOX!

This place is a SERIOUS upgrade from our studio. It HAS A BEDROOM, in unit washer & dryer, a roof deck and we are the very first people to live here!

I might be a little overly excited about the washer dryer! But having to wait for the elevator and then lug the hamper, and check back through all the various steps that laundry requires at the old apartment was MIZ! Now its a quick walk to the bathroom and an hour or so later our clothes are fresh and clean!

I plan on doing a post with more/better pictures in a few weeks once we are all settled. But for now, we're all like ...