Bath Tubs with a View!

I love living in the city, more than I EVER thought I would but that doesn't mean it doesn't make certain things harder. In Boston, my commute to and from work is a combination of walking and either the bus or the T and usually takes about 40 minutes to an hour. As long as its not too cold /  not too hot, I don't mind the morning trek. It gives me the opportunity to catch up on a pod cast, listen to TedX talks, or just listen to music.

It's the commute home that really gets me. Travel has ramped up at work and I'm often having to stay a little later which means I usually miss the bus. So I walk about a mile or so to the T and hope that with the winter weather we are currently having, the commuter rail isn't having some sort of issue! I ride the T and then walk another 3/4 of a mile home. Even with the best country music or new JB track (guilty) ... It's cold, its long ... and it's just a lot to take on after my 9 or 10 hour work day.  I am WORN OUT by the time I get back and usually try to convince myself to cook us a yummy meal or do some yoga. Lately, however ... I have been taking BATHS! 

Every time I settle into a bath, I always ask myself why on earth I don't do it more often? So this year, I have been striving to take more. I bought candles from BBW on deal ( my favorites are eucalyptus mint & french lavender) and lit them all around the bathroom, made bubbles with this tea-tree organic oil soap from Dr. Bronner and set up my ipad for more Ted talks, netflix, or music. <see my instagram for a real time photo of this!>

IT. IS. LIFE. CHANGING. I think about it often during lunch at work ... which is what led me to discovering the below photos...

CAN YOU IMAGINE!?! If I ever win the lotto, this is happening ASAP.