Obsessed w/ outfit obsessions – A J.Crew love letter

Does anyone else go bananas over J.Crew/J.Crew factory ‘outfit obsessions?’


My Pinterest talks a big game in a sense that I’m all about wearing skinny jeans, flowy tops and floppy hats on the reg. However, the reality is that Monday through Friday, I’m an 8:30-5:30+er (and grateful for it) in the heart of the financial district. I love my job, I really, really do but I can honestly say that I miss the HECK out of the freedom to wear whatever I could justify as,  what we lovingly called,  “business trendy” in the fashion industry… <allthejeans.>

What I love about J.Crew is that they make business casual “cool.” And since “slacks” is pretty much THE ugliest word ever, I’m all about anything that makes my business casual outfits feel a little less boring. Granted, a lot of even these tops are paired with jeans on site but I could easily pair them with the aforementioned word or a skirt and be golden for a day in my office!

Here are a few of my faves/images I’d like to draw inspiration from in the coming months - 

... Seersucker... SWOON!